I design digital spaces that create more joy in the world

Hi, I'm Evan White! I'm a product designer with a non-traditional career path that spans fine art, systems engineering & architecture, and product training. All of my previous experiences were grounded in human connection and empathy, which I wholeheartedly bring to my design career.

Along with my multi-disciplinary background, I leverage my top-notch communication skills and legendary work ethic to create digital spaces that prioritize the user experience.

I also think these things are pretty neat:

Design Thinking ● Dog Walking ● Prototyping ● Competitive Duck Herding ● UX Research ● Hiking ● Design Systems ● Extreme Ironing ● Hygge ● Frisbee Throwing Watercoloring ●

Design Thinking ● Dog Walking ● Prototyping ● Competitive Duck Herding ● UX Research ● Hiking ● Design Systems ● Extreme Ironing ● Hygge ● Frisbee Throwing Watercoloring

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Although my knowledge of product design had been tangential to my formal degree in fine art, I have always been fascinated in the field and knew that I wanted to work in it someday. After completing my bachelor's degree in fine art, I took an IT job in the government sector to gain professional experience and start earning income (yay, student debt). During this time I leaned into my natural interest for computer science and systems administration and started to really understand systems thinking. Little by little over time, I began to see the influence of design within the interplay between systems and people. My creative nature motivated me to start learning more about the intersection of systems thinking and design thinking, leading me up to today, where I work as a product designer for several enterprise-level government products. In this role, I have been able to grow and learn from more experienced colleagues in the field and apply a holistic approach to design. It hasn't been a linear journey, but I am grateful for the opportunities I have had and am excited to continue learning and advancing in my career as a product designer.


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Product designer

CACI 2020 - Present

I am responsible for the creation and development of new products for government use. This includes everything from researching and conceptualizing ideas, to creating prototypes and final products, to testing and refining designs. I work closely with a large team of engineers, business analysts, and other professionals to ensure that the product meets the needs of the target market and is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective to produce.

UX technical support

CACI 2017 - 2020

I provided technical assistance and support to users who were experiencing issues with a product or service. This involved troubleshooting technical problems, answering technical questions, working with requirements managers to create new feature requests, and helping users navigate the product or service. I also worked closely with the product engineers to make sure that users' needs were being understood. My goal was to ensure that users were able to effectively and efficiently use the product or service, and to provide a positive experience for the user.

systems architect

Qbase / American Systems 2014 - 2017

I designed and developed the architecture of several large-scale government systems. Working with a team of other architects, systems administrators, and other IT professionals, I helped define the hardware and software components that make up the systems, as well as the relationships between those components. I made sure that the systems were scalable, reliable, and secure, and I also worked with government stakeholders to understand the business requirements and goals for the systems, and ensured that the architecture meets those needs.

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